School of Oneness

On some level it seems a little bit unnecessary to do another spiritual school, there are so many different teachers out there, so many different ways of approaching spirituality and there are already so many possibilities to choose from, adding another one seems to perhaps add more confusion. But I'm hoping that in some way I'll be able to reduce the confusion.


I see a lot of understanding these days that there is many different traditions and many different approaches to spirituality that all lead in the end to the same place but I don't see much actual collaboration, actual cooperation between the different traditions and teachings and teachers. If somebody is teaching yoga they don't work with the church next door and if some Jewish Rabbi is teaching the Torah it doesn't connect with the spiritual teachings of the East.


To some extent people are trying to resolve this, they are having meetings where the rabbi's and priests and spiritual teachers kind of try to connect and discuss things but there are some very clear boundaries between things and if we're trying to teach unity, the oneness of all things, there is this unified consciousness that we all get to whatever spiritual path we choose. We need to somehow live that as teachers as well as individuals and as traditions.


We kind of need to make spirituality and religion no longer a divisive force but something that actually unites all of the people of the world.


Also slowly starting to become more widespread is the understanding that spiritual practice, religions, and rituals are not just something you do because it's a good idea, they are actually technologies. It's possible to study the science behind the different practices and see what actual results they have, how it affects us then create effective techniques that really work.


We are starting to understand this especially in the spiritual healing field, but in the spiritual teachings and traditions there's still a lack of really embracing the study of how does this spirituality work and how can we make it work in the best possible way, to really understand the inner secrets the inner power that lies behind these practices.


So what if we put all of this together and created a school that united all of the traditions, that could look at the actual principles behind spirituality and all the different spiritual practices to help anyone from any path to achieve their spiritual goals, to come to oneness.


I'm particularly interested in focusing on oneness because it's a nice thing, it's a good thing, it feels good, but I also think it has a power, an ability to make a difference in the world.

I think that when people come into the experience of oneness they really find their passion and love in life and are motivated to really make a difference in a way that is really their soul speaking through them that is somehow wise and effective.

I think that if we could come together in unity and harmony and celebrate oneness then we would also be able to cooperate and collaborate in oneness on all the problems of the world and of society at the moment. That kind of power of people living their passion, people doing what they love and what their souls true purpose is, that would be an unstoppable power.


When we in unity come together and work, each of us doing the greatest possible thing we can for the world and loving life as we do it then what problems could stand in our way. These problems of the greenhouse effect, of global warming, of poverty, of this virus going around the world, these would be small problems to a people united in oneness, so I think it's kind of important that we really learn to create and celebrate oneness and to do it in a way that unites all of us rather than in a way that separates us.