Alexander McDonell in conversation with Shannah White

We are looking for flow and joy. One technique is to find that part of our body that seems to be the source of flow, joy, peace and love.

Some talk about stress being in the head with the mind and thoughts then coming to the heart

to find joy and gratitude. Others find the centre in the head where they are connected to higher realms or the belly where there is power and energy and not quite so sweet. Alexander found relaxation at the base of the spine.

Even when Shannah was little she knew her northstar was love energy, the ultimate power of the universe, but she didn't know how to realise it. The connection happened naturally not as a creation of her mind but as something that came to meet her internally when she moved the seat of her soul/consciousness to her heart centre. As she abides in her feeling sense, a sphere around the heart centre, she continues to listen deeper and deeper in to the heart centre.

The experience feels like being aware of two places from which to run the entire mind. It's like in Star Trek where there is the main bridge and the battle bridge.

When Shannah feels the point of consciousness is behind the eyes, that is the war bridge. The point of consciousness can be moved down to the heart centre and other places. There is something going on within each chakra of the body.

The 7 chakras are centres of energy that map to tiny physical parts within the body.

  1. The first root chakra has the function of grounding and is connected to issues of safety. It maps to the perineum at the bottom of the pelvis.

  2. The second chakra of creative energy maps to the pelvic bowl. It is the origin of our relationship to the physical world. When we are distressed or broken hearted and told that love is found outside ourselves, that distortion is acted out in the second chakra.

  3. The third chakra is where the belly connects to the rib cage. This is the enteric nervous system (ENS), one of our brains. This is the lower will centre, how we move ourselves in the world. This chakra tightens up when we push and force.

  4. The fourth chakra maps to the heart, another brain studied by the HeartMath Institute. This is where Shannah connects to divine love, which is the basis for alignment in her experience. (divine love is the basis for alignment...meaning that which produces alignment; but alignment is experienced throughout the whole chakra system).

  5. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, the centre of expression.

  6. The sixth chakra vision centre. Some people like Alexander experience this as psychic visions. It contains the perceptual processing of the 5 senses.

  7. The seventh crown chakra connects us to more ethereal energies.

What is Alignment? We are always listening to a voice in order to move be it the ego or another voice. We are in alignment when we listen to that other voice.

Shannah worked very hard getting through the labyrinth of subconscious beliefs associated with the second chakra She really believed that the unconditional love that she saw in her mind could be realised in a relationship with this one particular guy.

The pain around her love was a feeling of being overlooked.

It took her a long time to find her way out but when she did she realised that the reason she felt overlooked was because she was overlooking her own heart space.

The way she envisioned unconditional love being fulfilled by a romantic partnership, could never be realised so she let go of that idea and went through a transformational process after prioritising her heart space and meeting someone that changed her energy fields.

She had changed the emotional learning and the thoughts associated with that false idea of love but the energy patterns were still trapped in the second chakra.

For whatever reason the energy field of this man was able to change her energy patterns. Overnight her ideas about sexuality and her sense of safety changed.

Her sense of safety was tied up with concerns and fears around sexuality. When the fear around sexuality cleared Shannah had an amazing experience of grounding and feeling happy.

"Wow, I feel like a martial artist where no one can push me off balance right now."

Without thinking about it, a 12 inch column of energy went down through her first chakra and into the earth. Her second chakra bloomed open as if to say:

"I have all the power you could possibly need to create anything, what would you like to create?"

All the chakras have functions. Opening the heart is about making a connection to a reference point of integrated love. There's still a lot going on, a lot to experience and a lot to explore in all the chakras.

Back to the Chakras

We have the word chakra but we also have the word plexus. Each chakra has a corresponding plexus like the solar plexus, luna plexus and all the planets because the ancient Greeks also knew about these energy centres.

The Greeks defined the plexi slightly differently to the Indian chakras as energies within the aura that map to different parts of the body. Although there are seven chakras we have hundreds of these energy centres that are not within the body. That's why the energy centres above the head and below the feet seem a bit less part of our core, otherworldly

We also have energy gates, energy that shifts in and out from our palms and other parts of our body. Then there are meridians where energy flows through the body. The chakras are one particular energy system.

It's a really good exercise to practice focusing on each chakra to get to know them.

  1. With the base chakra you can just focus on your butt.

  2. With the second chakra, the sacrum, you can also focus on the sexual organs and what's going on there.

  3. The Indian chakra system put the third chakra at the belly button rather than the base of the ribs but this is just a distinction between energy inside the body and the plexus that flows through our aura.

  4. The heart chakra is obvious to most people.

  5. The throat chakra is where you can feel a constriction.

  6. With the third eye you should be able to feel the tension in your forehead and the energy going on in your head.

  7. The crown chakra is subtle, as soon as you try to focus on it you don't feel it within your body you feel it moving outwards.

Many Voices

Tlalit has a question about listening to one’s ego or to one’s alignment.

"I want to know something. Many times I don’t know which is the ego and which is the alignment and in fact, I have more than two as in, many times I can hear many voices…

I see a lot of versions of the same idea. If I'm in a conflicted situation the ego might come up and say all sorts of things, then alignment might come up and say all sorts of things.”

"When I say see or hear I mean my mind can see many explanations, ideas, or versions of reaction that can come up. It's not just two and I can't tell which is the ego and which is alignment."

When we're talking about the ego there's a lot of figuring out from many choices. Perception is of equal weight. They can be many things that we want and we may not know how to resolve the choices in a given situation.

Alignment is singular, there's only one thing that feels right and not so many choices. If you're caught in a situation where you're confused about what choice to make then empty your mind and feel without thinking. Thinking can create feeling which becomes confusing because it feels real. The feeling that comes with alignment is not created by thinking.

Is This Fear Intuitive Or From Thinking

A story that helps determine if a feeling is based on intuition or thinking.

While Shannah was walking down a street full of redneck neighbours she suddenly got scared for her safety. She was confused if it was intuitively good to walk down the road and she was just harassing her mind with fearful thinking or was the fear based on intuition that she shouldn't be walking down this road because it's not safe?

You have to get rid of the fear thoughts so the emotions can clear and you can feel intuitively for what to do in the moment.

Shannah realised that she doesn't know her neighbours all that well and one of them sells chemical free bedding so they are kinda hip in one way. The fearful thoughts were learned from movies and people doing inappropriate things.

Once the fearful thinking was counteracted with rational thought then she was able to climb into the unknown space where your thoughts are quiet. After descending into her feeling sense she found the feeling of safety.

It can be a foreign experience and difficult to feel intuitively if you are so used to feeling based on your thoughts.

One meditation technique is to empty the mind of thought but you're still sitting on the edge of cognition. Another exercise that can be helpful is to move out of the head and noticing what the inner space of your body feels like, becoming so curious that it consumes your attention.

What Does Alexander Do With His Root Chakra

It's very similar to what Shannah describes when she goes into her heart centre. The first inklings came from a Chinese Taoist Chi Gong master who taught him how to relax.

Alexander didn't realise that you could relax in meditation because he thought the whole point was to focus and concentrate. At the beginning of the class the master told everybody to relax, that he didn't want to see anyone concentrating and if it felt stressful then go and have a cup of tea.

After doing these relaxing exercises in the form of body movements Alexander noticed he was developing muscles that were not there before and losing weight, "This is cool stuff". He then applied it to his mind so rather than trying to find something to do he would relax and find what was natural.

The experience of learning to relax was essentially the same thing as going into his base chakra.

The technique to enter the base chakra taught by the Chinese master involved strengthening and tightening the butt muscles in order to move your arms. It's a strange thing to do at first but it turns out to be quite effective. Singers use that as part of their vocal training.

Does Your Perspective Move To Your Base Chakra?

"I have to check... no!"

Alexander sits in the base chakra but looks out at the world through the heart.

Shannah proposes the possibility that what they are both doing is not that different but that the language used and the perspective for how it is understood and focused on is different.

Shannah can focus on her root chakra and explore what grounding feels like which is relaxing. She wouldn't want to sit in her heart to the exclusion of that awareness.

When is Alexander goes into his heart he doesn't feel quite in alignment.

So how do you know when you're in alignment?

Jessica chimed in to say when she is in a really joyful moment, in alignment, she feels butterflies in the lower stomach area but in a good way, "yes, this feels so right to me". She also needs more relaxation than most in certain circumstances, and this requires more focus on the root chakra to feel grounded.

It's also important to find your North Star. You're in alignment when you relax, breathe deeply in the lower belly and feel good. You can relax by focusing on any of the centres but the difference is it takes concentration. If you allow yourself to drop wherever it feels natural then you end up feeling comfortable in your particular centre, it's sustainable and easy to hold without constant effort.

After you make friends with all of your chakras then you can decide on which one is your best friend.

Alexander finds his alignment centre changes according what is most suitable for who he's with. This also changes his behaviour.

Shannah thinks alignment and the connection with love is important because it raises the possibility of a different world run by different rules. Natural moral law comes out of love and people don't harm each other when they feel love in their heart.

She would never have felt safe were she not on a journey to find and integrate trust aligned with the energy of love.


Ego is a word bandied about but it is vastly misunderstood. What is it, what do you do with it and what other choices are there?

We learnt very early on to navigate the world from memory and imagination rather than the inner unknown and feeling centre. We learn this from being in situations we don't understand, by example from our parents and peers, and by going to school where we learn to regurgitate memorised facts.

We end up storing ideas and emotional learning like getting punished when something didn't go our way in the sandbox, or when a parent passes away when the child is very young. The child might learn that God is loving but he has better things to do than care for the child.

The ego is a collection of mental and emotional files that have been stored away. We need to become aware of the stories we tell ourselves that make us dysfunctional because they are harmful and scary to us.

By bringing these aspects of our ego, these shadow stories, into the light we reeducate our soul and replace unhelpful emotional files with helpful ones. It's learning the skills of how to navigate each moment without drawing on the ego but staying in the unknown feeling.

As we swap out ineffective emotional files with more functional integrated love energy then when we have a challenging moment where we fall out of our inner unknown and away from feeling, we don't fall as far because our ego structure catches us closer to what now feels like.

Ideally we've replaced our negative memories with trust in the now, it's a transition of trust.

As a child, Shannah learned to trust the painful ego idea that God was loving but had better things to do than care for her. It positioned her to have very low self worth and do crazy things in relationships trying to fix that self worth.

Feeling the experience of love energy points to God

She needed to trust the source of order in the universe and she didn't believe that source cared about her. She believed in love but it didn't involve taking care of herself. Healing that idea was important to feel safe.

That idea has been healed to a great extent by having an ego structure with healthier files. When Shannah has moments where she is not in the now, she is more functional than before because she has a healthier ego structure.

We have the pure experience of love energy then the ego is a construct built on top, made of our beliefs, our ideas and our personality. We don't need to get rid of the ego but it'd be nice to educate it to be a bit closer to the experience of love energy.

The ego becomes personified when we identify with it and like data on a hard drive it can be changed.

We'll never be without the ego because we do need something in place when we fall out of the now and still need to function well.

Sunny Side Up

Many talk about an egotistical person as someone that is selfish, they care more about themselves than others. They talk about becoming selfless by getting rid of the ego to care more for others than themselves.

It isn't really possible to get rid of the ego because we always have a sense of self at some level. It is possible to transcend the self and experience the nature of another reality but we don't live day to day in that state.

Because we can't get rid of the ego we can expand it to become greater.

If a person is working on their level of selfishness then in the process of growing up and becoming closer to love energy they realise the self they care for includes others. By identifying with themselves, their friends and their neighbours they become more loving because they're expanding their sense of identity. Eventually that identity could be expanded to be universal and include all beings.

The ego is developed by expanding our circle of care.

What is the Self?

What is the self that we are being selfish about?

We might be running a subconscious program that tells us we should make everyone around us happy. That makes it impossible to feel our own alignment.

Shannah's goal is to become love, to ascend her sense of self.

At first she started out as a small worthless body that needs to look attractive to men to earn love. Gradually her sense of self ascended to a point where she experiences a higher sense of self, an immortal sound, a frequency that is spirit that will never change or fade. She also identifies with the love energy that flows through her in moments when she feels expanded.

This sense of self includes others in the acknowledgement of oneness.

"This is how I tell the difference of whether I'm tripping on a crazy sense of self or I'm connected with a true sense of self. It comes down to alignment."

A person can be crazy in an unhealthy ego pattern or unconscious emotional learning pattern and if I believe I need to make them happy then it can be like playing twister with your own energy field trying to please someone else's craziness.

This is the importance of connecting with a universal sense of truth that doesn't come from what we think in the head but comes from deep inside.

That truth allows us and others to be free.

The Constant Tango

How else can we have an enjoyable harmonious experience on this planet unless people own their relationship with this universal flow. When we feel our part in the dance and allow others to feel their part then we flow together.

That is how this conversation came about.

Without knowing each other well, Shannah started talking to Alexander and felt they were both moving in their own alignment. The conversation wasn't forced at all and she felt a natural inspiration to dance together.

She felt she could trust dancing with him because she could feel him moving in alignment, constantly checking and coming back to it. She knew it would be an inspired dance with no harm but only harmony.

Shannah and Alexander intentionally avoided too much talk before the conversation in order for participants to witness how they got to know each other, shared ideas and opinions rather than coming up with some prepared version beforehand.

To Alexander the conversation felt like contact improvisation because there was no rehearsal.

Contact improvisation looks like people rolling all over each other in some form of three-dimensional acrobatics.

There are no rules or moves, just a focus on the experience, a focus on what it feels like when you touch and move with a person.

Shannah got into tango as a follower because followers don't know what comes next. In order to do that kind of dance she needs to hold her own balance axis. To Shannah this conversation was the movement version of spiritual practice.

The leaders role in tango is different because they have to understand how to drive a car that has four legs and 2 axis or sometimes 1 axis. It's a skill that requires a long period of learning.

Men often take the lead role because it's hard to do nothing, to just allow it to happen, it's easier to choose a direction and take it. The more masculin the person is the harder it is to follow.

The Answer For Life

If it is important to follow the inner spiritual connectedness and the sense of a greater self in order to live a harmonious life then how good at it do you think you are?

"Better than I was and not as good as I will be. I'm good enough to have fun and keep out of trouble most of the time."

"Not as good as I'd like to be. Certainly I feel I have learnt a lot, life is easier, more fun and I think I'm more effective. There is always more to learn."

One of the greatest cello players was a very old man practicing 4 or 5 hours a day and someone asked him "why do you practice so much when you're already a master?" to which he replied:

"I think I'm making a little bit of progress."

He didn't think he was very good at all, that there was still so much to learn and that is how it will always be.

Shannah feels she has enough trust to navigate the inner unknown that she can connect with other people and offer helpful insight. It's beautiful because it takes you to a whole other level of love, of heart expansion.

When you listen inside to the voice of truth you are checking your alignment in what you say and do in each moment. What comes out of that process for yourself and the other person Is an experience of big love.

"Where two or more gather in my name there I am in the midst."

Jesus is a symbol for the embodiment of love.

Shannah could only experience so much love in her journey of healing the mind. In the experience of dancing with others she feels a big love that she would otherwise not achieve on her own.

In a similar way Alexander feels doing things on his own is quite depressing.

If I don't have someone to serve then what's the point.

He finds joy being with and serving others and is really excited and committed to help others find this joy in themselves even if the conversation requires mucking around a bit. It's important to try even if you don't know how.

Imagine a society where it's popular for people to have this joyous celebration experience whenever and wherever they want.

Find Shannah on Facebook@shannah.white.3 and learn more about her coaching at

Contact either Alexander or Shannah to schedule a 30 minute call at no charge to talk about anything...

Watch the conversation on the Sacred Reality YouTube channel or or listen to it on the School of Oneness podcast.

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When we learn to do something well, there follows grace and confidence. I like grace and elegance and confidence, but when we are faced with something new - a new deeper challenge, something we haven't experienced of faced before, then we discover awkwardness - not sure which way to turn, or to go, confidence disappears. I am in an awkward phase at the moment, and though in many ways it is awkward (I did say it was an awkward phase), I am trying to give respect and acknowledgement to why I am in this phase - that I am learning new things, and accepting new challenges. It is only by facing this uncomfortable new situation that we can expand our horizons and discover new things about ourselves - and this is a central part of human nature - we do not rest and stop learning. We always seek new challenges. That's why life never becomes easy - there is always something new for us to learn.

So I have accepted the challenge - taken up the baton and stepped into the arena. I have committed myself to growing my dream - the school of oneness. It is wonderful and a bit terrifying. I would wish to do something easier, but easy is not going to get me up in the morning passionate to make a difference and to take things one step further. The challenge while difficult is part of what excites me. And from what i have heard this is true of all great people - all people who stand up for what they are passionate about and live their true potential. So perhaps I stand in good company.

This week I have completed my preparations for the Oneness Yoga course and I stepped from a place of being overly busy to being somewhat confused about what I am supposed to do next - marketing would be the natural, obvious direction, but the natural, obvious direction is not always the right one for me, and actions that are not inspired do not work. In christian philosophy it is called "empty works" - doing service or actions that are not inspired by the divine. These "empty works" can be meaningless, or counterproductive, or in my case simply not work.

So what should I be doing now? I don't know. But I do know that I should not be listening to my well meaning advisors who tell me all the ways I should be promoting myself. I should not be listening to the practical but fearful voice of mine that says what I should be doing to make sure I don't fail. What I should be listening to is the still quiet voice that says not much, but always helps me find the loving open way through life. And sometimes like now I don't hear that voice very clearly, but it is important to keep listening anyway, and not to crowd it with everything else that I could or should be doing.

And so I end up here - writing. It is a way of getting to know myself a little better, and perhaps to help others to get to know me too. I used to feel that I was not a good writer, and perhaps I wasn't but what I have learnt is that I am most of the time an impatient writer - not ready to spend the time that is needed in order to write well, but in certain times when I need to look more inwards writing begins to be an important and natural activity for me, and perhaps if my journey can be an inspiration or a guide for others then perhaps this writing can also serve a purpose. I hope so.

Alexander McDonell

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Alexander McDonell in conversation with Shannah White

What Does Opening The Heart Mean?

Opening the heart means to open the heart chakra by quieting the noise in the mind and allowing your awareness to shift/descend into a feeling space. When you go deep into that feeling space you meet a warm loving energy.

People that have been guided to this experience describe it as coming through the chest. This energy fundamentally changes how we feel inside, there is a natural peace, clarity, and we are more comfortable with ourselves.

In the world and in our relationships there is so much pushing and pulling of what we think we need but that all goes away when we feel this energy. The question of self worth goes away because you feel so good.

Unconditional love means holding that space no matter what the conditions are. This is a challenging goal because things happen in life that distract us like a chirping cricket.

When you let go of things you can't control, let go of thinking and just breathe then you descend into feeling sensitivity then at a deeper level you connect with love energy again.

This is similar to what Eckhart Tolle talks about in his book The Power of Now which he describes as a Feeling of bliss.

How Do I Let Go Of Powerful Intrusive Negative Thoughts?

Its not easy to quieten the mind, it requires a lot of focus, concentration and practice. Even after a lot of meditation the pattern of negative thoughts still creep in.

By focusing on the breath for 10 to 15 minutes daily, the momentum of thoughts cease and you experience a feeling of inner peace. You might sense it in the abdomen or as a feeling of weightlessness.

Something else you can try to get out of thinking is by transferring your attention to what the inner space feels like. As you relax and breathe, let your curiosity about the subtle feeling sensations in the inner space of your body fill up your awareness so that your thoughts are replaced.

When you find this is working then you can add a layer of concentrated feeling curiosity going deeper and deeper into the centre of your chest.

The other component involves dealing with thoughts. We want to develop a reference point for the experience of connecting with love energy that is an alternative to the egoic state of mind. This is the purpose of meditation.

We have a lot of subconscious programs that we've learnt and built over time. During the time that we've survived in the world without a connection to love energy we've developed trusted beliefs but these beliefs reflect a world without love.

A world without love is full of conflict, fear and battles of will where people struggle. This isn't fun and it's where negative thoughts and emotions come from.

When we get into these negative situations we reach for what we trust without thinking, we reach for our subconscious programs, beliefs and emotional learning.

The way to deal with that and create space in our mind is to take those events as opportunities to examine the contents of our subconscious. It helps to have a vision of what life is like when we are connected with love to help us understand that the way we are seeing things from a disconnected place is not real.

Without that reference of experiencing alignment with love we can't effectively sort things out because we end up pushing things around trying to cope with a world that is not aligned with love.

What Is Love?

Romantic movies and religious ceremonies teach us all about the meaning of passionate and intense love except they're completely wrong. They cause us to reject the deep experience of love and accept something else.

The deep experience of love is not a wow, I'm falling in love experience, it's a very gentle and soft experience of peace and connection that is easy to miss and skip over.

Valuing Fun

Appreciation, gratitude and love are similar but heavy emotions while fun is light and easy.

When you look at little children playing all they are concerned about is having fun all day, they do not think about appreciation and gratitude. Love comes naturally to them.

One of Anuj's spiritual goals is to enjoy life and have genuine fun in whatever he does be it work, watching a movie or listening to a song.

It's different to opening the chakra. Through years of conditioning and cluttered thoughts of survival our innocence and the natural zest for life become suppressed.

As we become adults our minds start thinking in terms of shoulds and consequences. When we peal away the layers of ego and speak from our core without editing, that's when we start to have fun.

The first step is learning to feel your own core. Then you can decide to speak from a place of feeling or what you should say. Over time you develop courage to speak and do what you feel instead of what you think you should say and do. This alignment also brings back a

childlike innocence and fun into life.

Sorry about that cricket...

As adults we have the wisdom to protect that innocent child when we encounter challenging situations. We understand the situation better and how to hold ourselves in alignment while still speaking from an innocent place.

Having fun is really important, to be in the now rather than thinking about the future or past. Gratitude is what love looks like in the past, we are thinking about and thankful for what has happened to us.

In the future love looks like hope or desire, something to look forward to.

When you're totally present and having fun in the now then you love it. A lot of people talk about this as flow at the moment. You don't notice the passage of time or anything else going on around you, there is no stress because you're 100% focused on what you're doing.

This is a kind of fun that becomes part of everyday life and what we mean by being centred or finding your core.

Sometimes a meeting or writing is not fun but challenging. At these times it's important to check in with yourself to see you how you're doing in terms of being in flow. While scheduling a meeting ask yourself if you're in flow.

You'll have a lot more fun and overall satisfaction with life.

If you work to deadlines and have a belief that your competence comes from proving your value then you'll attempt to juggle more and more responsibility. One day you'll think "I didn't come to earth to be busy". When you let go of proving your value and think more about what you want to do then you'll have more fun.

A Simple Technique To Deal With Thoughts

Write them down. It's amazing how effective and easy it is to just pay attention to your thoughts and write them down then they don't come back again. You don't even need to write them down as long as you pay attention to them but this is more difficult.

One woman was complaining about all her negative thoughts but after a week of writing them down each day she came back and said "I keep waiting for the negative thoughts but they don't come".

Once a thought has expressed itself they tend not to come back. This is what the Buddhist meditation of 'watching your thoughts' is about.

A young woman used to describe herself as completely unspiritual. Three years ago she realised she wasn't really happy doing what she thought was her life's purpose and she went through a real crisis of leaving her job and her relationship.

She started talking to a spiritual friend once a week, reading the Hindu Bhagavad Gita and the bible, listening to Eckhart Tolle, meditating as well as journalling her egoic thoughts each morning.

Three years later she continues this practice and has total clarity in each moment around what is the egoic voice and what has inner alignment or as she calls it "the energy of life force".

Writing things down is really important.

If you indulge the ego, identify with it and allow it to speak then you'll go in endless circles and exacerbate the issue.

If you relax and come from a place of witnessing then as each emotion comes up it's like a fortune cookie where you can ask "what message do you have for me?". When you acknowledge the emotion then it tends to go away.

This doesn't immediately lead to peace, it may lead to another question and another emotion but if you continue you will find peace. It's important to work on yourself first rather than immediately confronting other people with a barrage of emotions. Writing slows your thoughts so you pay attention to small things that may otherwise be overlooked.

Another useful tool are affirmations but not only do you write the affirmation you write down your personal response to it. Write your affirmation and response again but notice how the response changes. You end up with a series of inner responses that gradually come to agreement.

One reason why affirmations might not work is if you're trying to speak it into reality, forcing yourself to try a new idea without taking any action to make it real. By writing your response down you're bringing your darkness into the light.

What Affirmation Should I Choose?

A simple affirmation to start with is your thought and then take the opposite. We're looking for an empty space that allows the truth to come forward. When you have both a negative and positive thought then they cancel each other out creating that empty space that is available for fun..

Eckhart Tolle has a fantastic sense of humor. He could be talking about the terrible suffering in the world and then suddenly laugh about it. He can't hold back the spring of joy that bubbles out of him.

About Shannah White

Shannah's spiritual journey began in earnest at age 14 when she began to work with A Course in Miracles. In 1995, she encountered Sacred Reality, a spiritual educational ministry that very quickly felt like home. Spiritual self-awareness practices and discipline became Shannah’s primary passion as she discovered, within the educational embrace of Sacred Reality, how to open up deeper spiritual senses available to all of us: intuitive sensitivity and heart-centered awareness of divine Love energy.

As she healed her mind through her spiritual practice, she discovered the awkwardness and stress she used to live with all the time, was replaced by peace, authenticity and ease in her own skin, and genuine happiness. Now she brings her 25 years of hard-earned wisdom to bear in coaching others to find their own inner well of happiness by getting out of the head and into the heart, and coming to know self as Love in motion.

Find Shannah on Facebook@shannah.white.3 and learn more about her coaching at

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