Conscious Business Club

Rock Maze

Beyond competition, forget pushiness, Business that is about being you, and having community and friends. 

We live in a world were people spend most of their lives in meaningless jobs that destroy their soul, and prevent them from achieving their full potential, and even when people do take the step into doing something they are passionate about they end up removing one set of problems for new ones that are now about stress and competition.  There is no need for competition or stress, business can be easy and natural, but we have never been taught how to do it, so we fall into the same competitive trap that everyone else is doing.


What if business could be a natural expression of your inner world, what if it could be the joyous celebration of helping and sharing with others.   What if it could be the beginning of a new way of living where we collaborate, cooperate and build supportive communities. 

We believe this is what business can and should be like.


After much research we managed to find the spiritual keys to business and life success - interestingly they are exactly the same as what creates love, happiness, and a general good life.  The tricky bit is that it's not quite the same for different people, so copying what others do does not always work.

What does work is to pinpoint the personal challenges that you face in your life - the inner challenges that prevent you from success, not the external situation.  Then we find a meditation or inner technique that addresses these issues, and when the inner world is sorted the outer world quickly comes into balance.

The best way to learn this is through the support of others who are also expressing their natural self in their business.  This is why we are creating the Natural Business Club so that you can be part of that supportive community.  We offer personal coaching as well as being part of the group, and as we eac
h find our own talents and approaches we are also able to help each other practically to succeed in our projects or businesses or dreams.

Let's explore how business and soulfulness can become one.  

A Soulful Approach to Success

Step 1

Choose Your Pathway

Choose your spiritual pathway that suits your life lessons and challenges.  When we choose the right pathway life comes into balance, and business becomes easy and natural.

Image by Jade Lee

The Path of Chi


Relax the body and allow the Inner Vital Force to flow through you and the universe.  Come into harmony with nature - both the external nature and your own inner nature.

Forest Road

The Path of Focus


Get over your personal issues and get on with the life that you wish to create - whether it is wealth and business or love and lifestyle - you can make the dreams come true.

Japanese Tree Blossoms

The Path of Compassion


Move from fear to love.  Open the heart to allow the good qualities of compassion, contentment, and love in, and fill life with joy.  Get out of the worries and stress of your head and into your heart.

Image by Jeremy Yap

The Path of Surrender


Surrender to God's will and find joy in every moment through his blessings in your heart.

Yoga Pose

The Path of Love


Take the deep path of Yoga - union with the cosmic consciousness and experience the ecstatic love of all there is.  Become an embodiment of love in action, in service to the world around you.

Image by Kira auf der Heide

The Path of Light


Protect yourself from negative energies and raise your positivity so that you cannot be touched by anything negative, and all around you negativity is transmuted into divine light.  Open to your natural spiritual gifts and your ability to heal and raise others into positivity.

Image by Jackson David

The Path of Intuition


Listen to the divine voice that guides you and provides you with clear direction.  Achieve your God-given mission here on earth in the most enjoyable way possible.


The Path of Righteousness


By God's grace banish sin from your life and become a true faithful expression of God's will in the world.

Step 2

Find Your Inspiration

Reaching Out to the Sun

Inspiration is breathing in - breathing in the spiritual wisdom, breathing in your joy and happiness, and breathing in your dreams and motivations to take action in the world.  When we find ourselves then our dreams and projects take root and are ready to grow.

Step 3

Impact - Make a Difference

Be part of a supportive community of people all working to build their conscious, natural businesses and projects that make a difference in the world, and in our own lives.  Share your dreams, support others, and receive support for your own.   


& Pricing

Infinite Motivation

Get up every morning excited and passionate for your work, find what you love, and make your life about that.  Remove the blockages from your own joy and motivation, and master the art of flow - meaningful, inspired, joyous work.

€1,250 or ask about our collaboration options

Team Magic

Create a team that is self motivated and highly effective because each member of the team has found their own flow and motivation, and is able to contribute freely and find meaning in the work. 


Create a joyous workplace for yourself and your team.We will work directly with you and also with your team members to create effective transformations.


€10,000 or ask about our collaboration options.

Take Flight

For those working on their own business or project.  Let's succeed together.  We will help you with your personal growth and business growth, for a share of profits.  This is a year long program of coaching and project growth.

This option is particular good for startups and businesses that are yet to really take off.

€2,500 or ask about our collaboration options

Leadership Training

Learn to do what we do - be able to build highly successful, and effective businesses and teams.  Don't just build one business, but be able to help others as well

By arrangement

Freedom & Impact

For those who already have successful small businesses and wish to find joyous, stress free ways to expand their business and their impact. 

Create personal and financial freedom, Increase your impact.  Take a step deeper into understanding yourself, and your dreams, use the power of collaboration to develop a cooperative enterprise so that the business doesn't depend only on you.

€5,000 or ask about our collaboration options