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Hannah Cremona in conversation with Vishnu Hari

"I focus on Facebook ads for coaches & consultants who create and sell their courses online."

When do you know you're ready to start Facebook ads?

Facebook is a scaling platform so after you've made 5 organic sales you're ready to advertise.

The more data you give the more money you get. The more you can tell Facebook about your existing customers and subscribers the more accurately it will put your message in front of similar people. This is the process of making a lookalike audience.

It's better to provide Facebook with a broad audience at the beginning and let the AI learn who your audience is then you can optimise the ad sets based on what works, not at the beginning.

How Important is knowing your Ideal Client before you create an Ad?

These four components are key to successful ads:

  1. Audience

  2. offer

  3. message

  4. creative (image or video)

The offer should be relevant to the audience.

The message should be relevant to the offer.

The creative should be relevant to the message.

If you don't have clarity around these four components then you might as well throw your money away.

The offer can be thought of as a bridge over some obstacle from where your potential client is now to where they want to be.

How do you get the most out of ads?

There is no one strategy but one that works is purpose-based branding. The idea is to create a lot of content, especially live video, then boost those posts to create brand awareness.

Your videos should not sell anything but give good value.

After a week or a month you can create a custom audience of people that watched 50% of your videos. It's those people that you advertise your offer to, to get them to take some action.

You want to drive people from many different platforms to your funnel. This means you need to create content that you post to YouTube, Instagram, your blog, Facebook and so on.

PixelMe is a cheap tool that allows you to retarget people that visit your different platforms like YouTube.

When a person first moves from the physical world into social media online they usually start on one platform like Facebook. Over time they build a social presence on multiple platforms.

Not every piece of content you put out there has to be unique, you can repurpose existing material. For example after you make a video you can cut it into snippets and make it individual posts. You can transcribe the video and turn it into a number of blog posts. You can remove the audio and turn it into a podcast.

Running Weight Loss Ads for a Fitness Trainer

Weight loss is a red flag in Facebook advertising so how do you make Facebook ads in this niche?

To begin with avoid words like "yours" and "others". Instead of saying "Do you want to lose weight", say something like "Do you feel confident putting your party dress on?". The message is the same.

Instead of talking about the problem using fear, you are talking about the problem in an affirmative manner.

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The Top 3 Tips to get Started with Facebook Ads

Let's say we have clarity on our audience, our offer and the message, what are the basic steps we should take?

  1. Produce a lot of content on your business page and boost it to build an audience;

  2. Build a lookalike audience based on people that watch your videos.

  3. Advertise to the lookalike audience with a marketing budget of $3 to $5 per ad set over 4 to 5 days;

Over the period of a week you'll spend up to $70. This is going to give you a lot of data telling you what ads work best and it'll tell you who your audience is.

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