Membership Options

We have membership options for people in all situations.  Each membership is for the period of 1 year because that gives enough time to truly see transformations in your life.

Please contact us if you feel you are in a unique situation and none of the options works for you.

Team Member

Work with us as part of our team.  You will receive personal development training, and have an opportunity to work closely with other conscious people who are working on themselves and making a difference. 


This is great for those who don't have much money, but are able to contribute their time.

Professional Member

For those busy people who don't have much time, because of their career or business.  This allows you to focus the time you have on your own personal development, and on resolving your own life challenges.  You will receiving coaching precisely tuned to your needs so that you can grow quickly and easily in the areas that you need in your life.

€4000 per year / €1200 per quarter / €500 per month

Enterprise Member

For those working on their own business or project.  Let's succeed together.  We will help you with your personal growth and business growth, for a share of profits.  The usual arrangement is 10% of profits during the period of membership.

This option is particular good for startups and businesses that are yet to really take off.