The Art of Energy Protection

Fortune Telling Cards

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For Empaths

For empaths and those who would like to learn to defend against negative energies and create positive energies.  At the beginning you learn to clear and protect yourself and slowly raise your vibration. 



In the end you create such an aura of positivity that there is no room for negativity to come near you.  Protection becomes automatic or even unnecessary and you are able to spread the positive light wherever you go.

Drawing on techniques from spiritual healing we learn to control and uplift energies.  

Learn how

  • to work with crystals properly

  • to clear negative energies

  • to create protective shields

  • to raise your vibration

  • to heal others

  • to connect with the divine light

  • Open to your deep intuitive abilities - whatever abilities you have they will be strengthened.

Raise your Vibration

Go where negative energies can't touch you

Strengthen your Intuitive Abilities