Samadhi & Sadvipra

A Journey beyond devotion - experience samadhi, become a sadvipra.  This is a course in advanced yogic practice.  


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Experience Samadhi

Experience the blissful culmination of yogic practice - dissolving your mind into the cosmic mind, becoming one with all that is, and beyond into the unqualified pure consciousness - the void that is nirvikalpa samadhi, or nirvana.


Become that powerful force for transformation in the world - the Sadvipra who unites the qualities of intelligence, courage, practicality and enterprise into one focused approach of active wisdom.

Prerequisites -

  • at least 1 year of yogic meditation practice

  • know and have practiced the 16 points (you don't have to be keeping all of them - but you need to be familiar with them)

  • Know and are actively practicing Yama and Niyama

  • Have a strong experience of devotional sentiment

For those who wish to join this course but are not ready you may take the Yoga lifestyle course from us, or from Ananda Marga centres around the world.


  • advanced fine tuning of the 16 points

  • finding your personal pathway

  • beyond mantra - letting go into bliss

  • spiritual science - how to do it, and how to use it in your practice

  • Finding and achieving your personal mission

Become a Sadvipra

Achieve your personal Dharma