Choose Your Enlightenment

Spiritual Guidance to achieve your own spiritual goals - choose the enlightenment path that suits your needs in life.

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Complete your Awakening

Move beyond the mind, beyond creativity and insight, beyond inner peace and love to the oneness that underlies all things.  Discover the bliss of complete awakening.

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Raise Your Vibration

Protect yourself from negative energies and raise your positivity so that you cannot be touched by anything negative, and all around you negativity is transmuted into divine light.  Uncover your spiritual gifts and heal others around you bringing them into the light.

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Conscious Business Training for Healers

Learn to pinpoint your tribe, and to bring your services out into the world for greater impact and greater income.  Especially for healers, spiritual teachers etc. who already understand about the inner realms and don't like conventional business.

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Life Mastery

Overcome all the various challenges in your life - using the one principle of oneness.  Whether it is love, wealth, happiness, impact or other issues all can be addressed using oneness.  

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Conscious Business Club

Overcome your challenges, discover your inspired self, and get on with creating the life that you wish to create - whether it is wealth and business or love and lifestyle - you can make the dreams come true.

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Open the Heart

Move from fear to love.  Open the heart to allow the good qualities of compassion, contentment, and love in, and fill life with joy.  Get out of the worries and stress of your head and into your heart.

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Find your Soulmate

By discovering your connection to your self you can attract into your life what you really want.  This is a process of inner discovery that creates external results.

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